Rappelz Hack Tool 2014 Ultimate Rappelz Cheats

Ever wondered how come those rupee sellers have their stock available at any hour? Do you think that they really play 24 hours a day, buying cheap items and selling them high to make a profit? Well, that’s what players do, but those rupee sellers had 2 ways of making huge amounts of rupees in Rappelz: one of them was to either hack players, which happened in 2009 and 2010, but after that Rappelz’s tech team strengthen their security system, and the other way was their secret Rappelz hack tools, that was able to alter¬†the game through glitches and a change in the algorithm from user-end level.

rappelz cheats

Without any more history about this, an ex-rupee seller who owned such a cheat tool, made it public to a guild from Rappelz. That Rappelz hack tool was removed from the forum where it was posted, by the admin of the forum’s guild which I won’t name. After the Rappelz hack stopped working because it was patched, we got our hands on the tool and looked through the back-end coding structure, and understood how it worked, and changed its algorithm again, un-patching it and making it work again, better and with more options included than just a Rappelz rupees generator.

Rappelz Hack Tool 2014 Ultimate Rappelz Cheats

Watch the whole video below and see it in action, in real-time with proof:

Note: We released the English version, but if you want the German version, simply go to Settings and click ‘Change To German’

If you want to download this Rappelz cheat tool, scroll down.

This amazing Rappelz hack can generate you not only Rupees, but it can also generate high tier ¬†Rappelz empty pet cards, straight into your account. On top of that, if you watch the video above, you will see that there’s the 100% Taming option which will tame your pet succesful 1/1

Below it’s a chart with T4, T5 and T6 pets. Regarding soul pets, we are working on implementing this on the next update. In the chart below, we noted with a YES and a NO for what cards this Rappelz hack tool can generate:

Abomination – NO
Angel – YES
Gnoll – NO
Ice Maiden – NO
Joker – YES
Kentauros – YES
Naga – NO
Cerberus – YES
Genie – YES
Ifrit – YES
Stone Golem – YES
Baphomet – YES
Blight Ogre – YES
Death Tyrant – YES
Drillbot – YES
Minotaurus – YES
Mystic Koala – NO
Undine – YES
White Dragon – YES

Besides e-cards, this Rappelz hack can generate Stamina Savers potions, e-REPs, T-PROs, Animal Crackers, Feral items and a few more other items that we’ll let you to discover. Note that for some reason, SS and AC’s can’t be sold, while e-REPs and T-PROs can, among the other items.

How Can I Be Sure That I Won’t Be Hacked?

Although this program requires login details, we recommend you to make a NEW account and use it on that account. After that, simply transfer/trade your generated Rappelz items with your main account, therefore there’s no risk in getting hacked since you never share your logins of your main account with nobody.

How Can I Be Sure That This Isn’t a Virus?

Once you downloaded the file, you can simply scan it with your own antivirus or upload it on virustotal.com and perform a complete scan. We know that it would be useless for us to claim it’s clean, although it’s a clean file, so that’s why you should scan it just to be safe and see yourself that it’s a clean file.

How Can I Be Sure That I Won’t Be Banned?

Here’s a little tip we could give you: DO NOT abuse this Rappelz hack or else GM’s will notice if you will have 100 billions of rupees overnight, or if you will sell in the Marketplace or Auction, 40 tamed Undines at once. That will rise a flag, and since there is no automated detection, if you simply play normal and use this Rappelz cheat tool when you need it in normal ways, you will be fine.

Click the image link below to go to the download page:

Rappelz Hack

Remember: Never share this tool with anyone else. The less exposure it gets, the more it lasts. Have fun!

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Rappelz Ultimate Hack Tool
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Compatible with: Windows, MAC, Linux

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5 thoughts on “Rappelz Hack Tool 2014 Ultimate Rappelz Cheats

  1. I can confirm that this new update is working as well! SS are tradeable again too but there is a limit of 20 SS per day in generation i think, still good tho

  2. u forgot to mention that we need latest framenetwork too, but most of us have it anyway..my pentium 3 sucks but it
    worked gr8 here

  3. OMG the fucking stamina saver i got from this generator kept me playing last night in cube till i fell asleep with SS running haha

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